Introducing the palette chocolate "Jean Doux"! – ママノチョコレート

Introducing the palette chocolate "Jean Doux"!

A new flavor for chocolate "Palette Chocolat" that enjoys different thicknesses"Jean Doux"Is here!

Using hazelnuts from Sicily, Italy, this chocolate allows you to enjoy the aroma and crunchy texture of the nuts. It is also recommended as a reward chocolate for yourself.

Available online and in stores!

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What is Palette Chocolat Jean Doux?

"Palette Chocolat Jean Douja" is a chocolate made by kneading hazelnut praline (caramelized nuts) into milk chocolate based on alibaca cacao, stretching it on marble, hardening it, and then roughly breaking it by hand.


What is Jean Doux?

A traditional confectionery that is said to have originated in Italy and is made from praline as a paste and kneaded with


Commitment and characteristics of chocolate

・ HazelnutSticking to the charred condition of roast and caramelWe pursue the best balance of sweetness, aroma and bitterness.

・ Not dark chocolateBased on milk chocolateBy doing so, it matches the powerful richness and mildness of hazelnuts, and combined with the crunchy texture that is characteristic of palette chocolate, it is a taste that makes you want to eat more and more.

・ PralinesTwo types, paste and coarsely crushedIs mixed with chocolate. You can enjoy the strength of the flavor depending on the difference in texture and the point of chewing.

・ HazelnutsMade in Sicily, Italyuse. It has a rich flavor and is characterized by its clear sweetness and astringency.

・ Chocolate uses original milk chocolate, which is a unique blend of aliba dark and white chocolate.

The aroma of nuts, the bitterness of caramel, the deep sweetnessPlease enjoy!


▶ The product isHere