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Tips for eating Mamano scones more deliciously than anyone else.

Dear readers of Mamano Magazine, this is Kadekawa, a chocolate nerd.

I live in Okinawa, but I'm surprised that it's cold this week. It was like early summer until last week.

By the way, have you eaten Mamano scones yet?

After a long time, I powered up and came back,That sconeis.

I got it too, but I didn't think it was so delicious until the second time (with a quiet voice) ... that should be it. I made a decisive mistake in how to heat it. By the time I realized it, it was already a shock. I made a mistake twice, so I wasted a scone that I couldn't eat deliciously.

I don't want everyone reading Mamano Magazine to feel that sad! Today, Kadekawa is responsible for teaching you how to eat Mamano scones deliciously.

First of all, the scones arrive frozen, but when I open the box, there is such a paper in it,


It says "How to eat scones deliciously". I cut the seal a little as written and then warmed it in the microwave for 40 seconds.

as a result.

"Somehow, the dough is sloppy ...?"

No, it's Mamano's proud scone. The second time I challenged that there should be no such thing. This time, I cooked it in the microwave and baked it in a toaster. This is also the recommended way to eat that was written on paper. Then I took pictures.

Yeah, I took a good shot so let's eat ... Wow, it's hard! why! ??

Even the facial expression has hardened

I ate a total of four scones with a texture that I couldn't agree with, so I decided to ask Mr. Homma, the creator, a question directly.


Be careful when heating in the microwave

Kadekawa "When I warm it in the microwave, it seems that the butter is boiling with juwajuwa. Is it too warm?"

Mr. Homma "Mamano's scones are kneaded with a lot of butter, so it's easy to get juicy, but if it seems to be too juicy, it's too warm! If you eat it immediately, there is no problem, but butter If it comes off, it will get harder and harder over time. "

Kadekawa "(What! The scones I ate were so hard that they were too warm in the microwave ...!)"

Here, I reconfirmed the microwave oven in my house.


The microwave oven in my house is a type of design in which the wattage is not written in an easy-to-understand place.

Two wattages, "rated power consumption" and "rated high frequency output", are written on the side. It was written that the rated power consumption was 500w, so I understood that it would be better to warm it for 40 seconds to 1 minute as described in the explanation, but this was a big mistake. The wattage of the microwave oven was the latter "rated high frequency output". Uh, too careless.

When I checked it again, the microwave oven in my house was 1050w. 40 seconds at 500w, 40 seconds at 1050w. In other words, it was twice as warm. Well, butter also becomes juicy.

The scones that had been warmed for 20 seconds again had a texture that I couldn't think of the same, and it was very delicious.

From the above lessons, it is irreversible if you heat it too much, so if you get lost, we recommend you to shorten the time and adjust it.

Be careful when heating in the microwave
① Let's check the wattage
(2) 40 seconds to 1 minute in the manual is for 500w. Adjust the time according to the wattage.

The toaster should be browned!

Kadekawa "The next point is to bake with a toaster, but how many fractions should I have?"

Mr. Homma "Is it time for a toaster? I can't say anything because there is a difference in output compared to a microwave oven, but I recommend that it be lightly browned."

Kadekawa: "I see, I felt that it wouldn't be crispy even if it was baked."You can bake it firmly enough to get brownedThat's right! "

Mr. Homma "Yes. Oh, if you try to heat it directly with a toaster without a microwave, it will burn outside but it will be cold inside.Pre-warming in the microwave is essentialyou know"

I actually baked it.





Did you see that it is a little browned?

Was it overcooked when I took it out? I thought, but when I actually tried it, the outside was crispy. The inside is moist. The first scone that was overheated had a taste of the difference between heaven and earth, and it seemed to turn over. You can eat as much as you like!

Oh, the scones are just the right size. It's a little small.


Yeah, it ’s delicious!


Mamano scones and drinks

Kadekawa "When I ate Mamano scones, I wanted to drink milk. It doesn't matter if it's ice cream or hot."

Mr. Homma "My best is also milk. Coffee milk is also good."

Is there any other drink that suits you? I tried to make tea with the image of afternoon tea. Sri Lankan candy, a black tea with a clean and beautiful flavor. straight. Yeah, that's good. But after all milk is the best.


Chef's recommended arrangement

Mamano's scones, which were made with the aim of being "delicious as they are," actually have a recommended arrangement method. Mr. Homma taught me.

Mr. Homma "It's delicious to put ice cream on a scone with a slight browning."

Oh, oh. What a delicious image! When you put vanilla ice cream on a pancake, it's warm and cold, so both are delicious.

Unfortunately I haven't tried the arrangement method I heard just before writing the article, but I'm sure it's delicious, so I'd like to buy vanilla ice cream.


Mr. Homma "Since it is a scone with a low sweetness, it is delicious even if you hang maple or honey."

And that! Depending on the arrangement, it will be a special dessert.


You can heat it as you like!

Kadekawa "Scones can be eaten only by warming the microwave oven, but if you bake them in a toaster, they will have a freshly baked texture. I like this because it's crispy."

Mr. Homma "The scones warmed only in the microwave have a moist buttery feel, and the crispy texture increases as you bake them in a toaster. Try baking with your favorite strength. "

Mr. Homma, thank you for answering many questions.

Kadekawa alone was about to end without being able to bring out the deliciousness of Mamano's scones. It was dangerous. Even though it's so delicious.

Do you guys enjoy the scones?

If you have already purchased it, please try the arrangement that Mr. Homma taught you. Oh, maybe you haven't eaten yet? Then, first purchase.

There are two types of scones. Plenty of alibacao bitter chocolateChocolate chipsAnd kneaded chocolate into the doughChocolat Orangeis.


It's fun to have chocolate chips that are sparsely kneaded into chocolate chips to change the taste. You can clearly see the flavor of the plain dough, which looks like a good combination of bread and sweets.

Chocolat Orange is my favorite.

The juicy Valencia orange, which is also used in Mamano's orangette "Grace of Orange", is topped with chocolate-rich dough. The compatibility between orange and chocolate is excellent, isn't it?

Two scones are packaged.

If you want to eat only one, wrap one in plastic wrap, put it in a zip lock and store it in the freezer, and you can eat the remaining scones whenever you like.

May you bring happiness to your home.

wrriten by Kadekawa Mizuki

Chocolate nerd freelance writer. Active based in Okinawa.
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