International Chocolate Awards Asia Competitionにて生チョコレートが『SILVER賞』を受賞しました。

Raw chocolate won the "SILVER Award" at the International Chocolate Awards Asia Competition.

Held in Taiwan on October 9, 2020 (Friday)International Chocolate Awards At the Asia Competition, Mamano's "Large raw chocolate brandyIn the FLavoured milk chocolate ganaches or truffles categoryReceived the SILVER AwardDid.

Raw chocolate has been a popular product since its establishment in 2013, but we are very pleased and honored to receive such an evaluation by receiving numerous feedbacks from customers who have eaten it every year and making improvements. think.

The cacao uses organic aliba cacao from the Winak Union, a group of small cacao farmers in the Napo area (Amazon area) of Ecuador. Thanks to the wonderful work on the farm, we are able to produce delicious chocolate.

You can see the tournament here. (Mamano is 1:42:20)

This is a message video taken for the tournament.

We will continue to work with Ecuador's cacao plantations and unions so that we can deliver delicious chocolates. We look forward to your continued support of Mamano Chocolate.

==== Addendum ====

We received a congratulatory message from the Ecuadorian Embassy.
thank you.

Embajada del Ecuador en Japón --Embassy of Ecuador to Japan October 12th 13:00 

We congratulate the Japanese company "Mamano" for the Silver Award in the category of flavored chocolate truffles. It was the Big Grain Chocolate Brandy that won the award at the International Chocolate Contest - Asia, held in Taiwan on October 9, 2020.
We are grateful for the trust in one of the most exported products of Ecuador, cocoa, with which the products that today stand out in the international market are made with the right deference.
A special greeting to all the members of "Mamano", with whom the Embassy maintains permanent contact and we held a joint event to promote Ecuadorian cocoa, in February 2020.
At the International Chocolate Asia Awards held in Taiwan on October 9, 2020, "Large Raw Chocolate Brandy" congratulates Mamano Chocolate, which won the silver award. We would like to thank our store specializing in cocoa, one of Ecuador's most important exports. The embassy and Mamano have a special relationship, such as co-sponsoring a promotion event for "Fine Aroma Cacao Native to Ecuador" in February 2020. Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.