[Winter only] Delivery starts for some products only at "385 yen"! – ママノチョコレート

[Winter only] Delivery starts for some products only at "385 yen"!

hello! This is Mamano Chocolate Ezawa.

From late October 2022, we have started shipping using Nekoposu.

This product will be delivered to you at room temperature.

After choosing from the following products and adding them to the cart, use the shipping method"Nekoposu"Please select

In addition, it is assumed that there will be areas where the temperature is high such as Okinawa and there will be days when the temperature is temporarily high, so if the temperature at the destination is likely to exceed 21 degrees,"Yamato Refrigerated Delivery"I would like you to choose

Please use your own judgment.

Shipping fee 385 yen Products that can be purchased at room temperature cat POS (winter only)

👉 https://mamano-chocolate.com/collections/nekopos

If items other than those listed above are added to the cart together, refrigerated shipping will be applied at standard postage.