New work announcement (February-March 2022) – ママノチョコレート

New work announcement (February-March 2022)

We will inform you of the schedule of the new work.


6 kinds of Japanese whiskey single malt bonbon chocolate

In late February, we will release 6 types of Japanese whiskey single malt bonbon chocolate.

All of the 6 selected distilleries have visited, and after deepening their understanding of the people, manufacturing methods, and climate of each distillery, carefully select the bottles that give you a taste of the distillery and combine them with Alibaba cacao. I'm making chocolate.

Here are the 6 bottles selected.
(sequentially different)

Akkeshi Distillery: Akkeshi Mangzhong

Asaka Distillery: Asaka Distillery Zodiac Bottle

Shinshu Distillery: Komagatake 2021 edition

Fuji Gotemba Distillery: Fuji Gotemba Distillery Distilleries Select 2020

Kosho Distillery: Kosho First

Tsunuki Distillery: Tsunuki Distillery 2022 Edition

As for the release date, reservations will start at the online shop in late February, and over-the-counter sales are scheduled to begin in March.


Earl Gray & Alibaba Cacao Dark (alcohol-free) pavé chocolate

Earl Gray & Alibaba Cacao Dark (alcohol-free) pavé chocolate will be on sale in early March.

The gentle and refreshing Earl Gray raw chocolate of Japanese black tea and domestic bergamot, and the smooth melted dark raw chocolate with a strong aroma of ripe banana and fruity aroma of alibaka cacao.

We hope that you can look forward to the official announcement of both.