March 5th (Sat) Announcement of 6 kinds of Japanese whiskey bonbon cho – ママノチョコレート

March 5th (Sat) Announcement of 6 kinds of Japanese whiskey bonbon chocolate tasting seminar

At Akasaka Mitsuke on Saturday, March 5, 2022"New Chocolate Tasting Seminar"to hold.

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Tasting chocolate is a new Japanese whiskey 6 kinds of bonbon chocolate. (There may also be + α)

All of the six types of distillery whiskey used this time were selected by the chocolatier himself.

In putting together 6 kinds of Japanese whiskey in one boxConcept (on what axis did you choose whiskey)Introducing the characteristics of alibaca cao, how to draw out the characteristics of each liquor, the difficulties in development, how to enjoy chocolate, etc. while slowly tasting one grain at a time.

I hope that we can have a good time together while receiving the impressions from the participants each time.

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(sequentially different)

Akkeshi Distillery: Akkeshi Single Malt Japanese Whiskey Mangzhong

Asaka Distillery: Yamazakura Japanese Single Cask Asaka Zodiac Label

Shinshu Distillery: Single Malt Komagatake 2021 Edition

Fuji Gotemba Distillery: Fuji Gotemba Distillers Select Single Malt 2020

Kosho Distillery: Single Malt Kosho 2021 First Edition

Tsunuki Distillery: Single Malt Tsunuki 2022 Edition

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Schedule: March 5, 2022 (Soil) 

Lecturer: Chef Chocolatier Yusaku Homma

Location: Space for rent around Akasaka Mitsuke Station (under consideration)

Hours: 11: 00-12: 30 (If there are many people, we may hold a meeting from 13:30)

Membership fee: 4,000 yen

Ticket form: Electronic ticket

Number of people: about 6 people

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