Mamano Chocolate Launches a new product in collaboration with the agri-brand "Berry's Garden" from Fukushima – ママノチョコレート
5/21(火)販売開始! ママノチョコレート 福島発アグリブランド『Berry’s Garden〈ベリーズガーデン〉』とコラボした新商品を発売

Sales start on 5/21 (Tue.)! Mamano Chocolate Fukushima Agri-brand "Berry's Garden" collaborates with new products on sale

Thank you for your continued patronage of Mamano Chocolate.

Today, we are announcing a new series of new Mamano regular products! Agri brand from Fukushima "Berry’s GardenWe announced the release of "Card Chocolate Premium Fruit Series", a new product in collaboration with "Berry's Garden".


Card chocolate fruit premium series

The card chocolate series that has been patronized for a long time as our regular product. We have developed a product in collaboration with Berry ’s Garden as a slightly luxurious premium product of card chocolate.


Berry's Garden's special dried fruits, which are carefully selected from the ingredients and made by a special manufacturing method that carefully traps the umami without sugaring, make you feel the natural sweetness and the freshness that you can't think of as dry. Enjoy the collaboration between the fragrant alibaka cacao chocolate and the gentle taste of the fruit that spreads slowly each time you chew!


This collaboration was born because Homma, a chocolatier, went to the farm and fell in love with Berry's Garden's dried fruits.

This time, we will release three types of peaches, apples, and oranges.

Product:Card chocolate premium fruit series

   Card chocolate premium fruit Fukushima peach 200 yen

   Card chocolate premium fruit Fukushima apples 200 yen

   Card chocolate premium fruit Kumamoto mandarin orange 200 yen

Sales start date: Sales will start at the store from May 21 (Tuesday).


About Berry ’s Garden

It is an agri brand located in Fukushima prefecture, a land where fruit trees grow abundantly. With the theme of "Pocket of" love berry "time: love and fruitful time for a little gap in everyday life." Is proposing.

Official site:

Comment from Berry ’s Garden

This is Kagei from Berry's Garden.

This dried fruit is additive-free, sugar-free, and low-temperature dried, so the flavor and aroma are firmly trapped in the raw material.

I am very happy and impressed that we have created a product that combines the feelings and feelings of cacao producers, fruit producers, and chocolate producers. Please enjoy such a special collaboration.

Chocolatier Honma comment

The encounter with this dried fruit was a tasting at an event when I visited Fukushima on a trip. After eating 3 types, I was attracted to the freshness of the dried fruits, the condensed natural sweetness and the natural yet fragrant taste.

The method of manufacturing dried fruits is a time-consuming manufacturing method that takes time to confine the taste at low temperature. (Slightly high temperature to leave the color of mandarin oranges) 

Fruits that are slightly damaged when they are shipped are also delicious, but I don't think it's worth discarding them, so I used fruits collected from a designated farm in Fukushima, where the farm is located, and added no additives. I heard that the production of fruits started, and I sympathized with that feeling. Kumamoto mandarin oranges are made in the hope of reconstruction between prefectures that were also affected by the earthquake.

Sales period

It will be on sale at stores from mid-May. This product is not seasonal, but will always be offered as a premium series of card chocolates.