Mamano announces a new chocolate with the theme of "pairing" reading a – ママノチョコレート

Mamano announces a new chocolate with the theme of "pairing" reading and chocolate "". Shine Muscat x 20-year-old rum x Alibaba cacao to add color to the fall of reading.

Thank you for your continued patronage of Mamano. Today is the introduction of new products! It's miso in the foreground every time, but this time it's a very confident work 😍

today,Chocolates perfect for the fall of reading "Rum Shine Muscat 20 years aged" and "Rum Pione 20 years aged"We will inform you of the release of 👏



With your favorite book in one hand

The concept of these two products is "pairing of" reading and chocolate "". Granular chocolate that is easy to eat even with a book in one hand during the long autumn nights. Lamb raisins are coated with chocolate, which makes them less sticky. Not too sweet, not too bitter, and not too textured. To avoid disturbing reading, the finish is longer and longer than the sweets that you just eat a lot, so that you can enjoy the afterglow of Shine Muscat and Pione. Please enjoy it with your favorite coffee or tea, or rock whiskey or brandy, slowly and slowly in your mouth.



The afterglow of homemade rum pickled fruit takes you further to the world of books

This time, I used Mamano's special rum raisins, which were carefully selected from the rum pickling process. Both Shine Muscat and Pione are from Oita prefecture. Additive-free and sugar-free dried fruits are pickled using 20-year-old rum and dictador. By soaking for about a month, you can feel the mellow scent peculiar to lamb while leaving a fresh fruity feeling and alcoholic feeling. You can enjoy the texture as if it were raw. It matches the fruity taste of Alibaba cacao, and I think you can feel the taste of chocolate itself. Please enjoy the long-lasting finish.



Product information

From August 20th, Mamano Chocolate Akasaka Mitsuke Main Store,online shopIt will be on sale at.

Until the end of August, online shops are usually free shipping only for purchases of 6,000 or more,Free shipping campaign regardless of purchase amountWe are doing! Don't miss it 🚚


Please enjoy the perfect taste for this season!