A challenge to a completely new rum raisin chocolate using Shine Musca – ママノチョコレート

A challenge to a completely new rum raisin chocolate using Shine Muscat, Pione and 20-year-old rum.

Hello. Mamano Chocolate Story Teller,Chocolate Otaku Kadekawais.
This time, Mamano has released an insanely delicious new work, so I will tell you about the background and taste with an interview with the chef.

What is a storyteller?

It is a job to tell the important story (ethics, commitment, feelings, etc.) for the company inside and outside the company. It has the role of verbalizing and appropriately telling stories that cannot be fully archived, which cannot be conveyed only by speaking verbally.

The concept is "chocolate that goes well with books"

The trigger was the idea of "I want to make chocolate that matches the book" of the representative.
When reading a feature-length novel or a scholarly book that is a little difficult for me. I don't want to leave the place, but I want to replenish sugar. I also want to relax, so I hope I have a little alcohol. I don't want to get my hands dirty. That's how I came up with the rum raisin chocolate.


Meaning that a small chocolate shop makes rum raisins

If you make it anyway, you can't help making the same product as the existing one!

Let's make something exceptionally delicious.

This new work was born with such a spirit."Aged 20 years in Ram Shine Muscat"When"Aged 20 years of Rampione"is.

Grapes, rum, chocolate. Because it is a rum raisin chocolate made with only three simple ingredients, you should be particular about the ingredients. With that in mind, I decided to ask Mr. Homma, a chocolatier, about his commitment.

——Why did you choose these two types of raisins? 

Chef Homma Made at Ajimu, Usa City, Oita PrefectureDream Farmers' raisinsHowever, it was by far the best. I definitely wanted to use it. The point is that the sweetness of the grapes is utilized without additives. The natural sweetness matches the chocolate of Alibaba cacao.

Chef Homma At first, I thought about one type, but when I ordered it and tried it, there was a big difference in flavor between Shine Muscat and Pione. When I actually made a prototype, Shine Muscat had a unique fresh feeling, and Pione had a profound feeling like rum raisins, and I wanted to eat both of them, so I decided to sell two types.

——I heard that raisins have been soaked in rum for almost a month.

Chef Homma The raisins used this time were very thick and each grain was large, unlike the ones used in ordinary confectionery. I spend a lot of time trying to soak the rum into the center.

Each one is coated to match rum raisins of different sizes.


——For rum, Colombian dictador, which has been used for 20 years, is what kind of liquor and why did you want to use it?

Chef Homma I came across this dictador when I was looking for a liquor that would go well with my chocolate. Rum is a distilled liquor, so it does not contain any sugar. However, the sweetness of this dictador has a richness and depth close to that of maple syrup, and I got the illusion that the sake itself has a rich sweetness.

I wonder what would happen if I made rum raisins using this delicious rum.curiosityHas sprung up.

Using domestic raisins, we are particular about rum. Carefully coat. Ram Shine Muscat and Ram Pione were born by condensing "what Mamano can do".


The highest peak of rum raisin chocolate

The first thing that surprised me was that Ramshine Muscat and Rampione were soaked in the same liquor.The scent is differentmatter. Shine Muscat has a lighter scent and is gorgeous like a flower. It's also a little spicy. On the other hand, Pione has a profound feeling. Behind the sweet scent of rum, I was able to find red grapes with a solid body.

What makes Ram Shine Muscat interesting isCrispy texture like raw fruitThat it is. According to Mr. Homma, "By pickling rum, the water is restored and the fresh texture is restored." I'm eating crispy rum raisins for the first time.

The taste was completely different from what I imagined. Rather, I couldn't imagine it because it had a taste I had never eaten. If you stick to rum and raisins, you will be impressed by how rum raisins have such a flavor. At the end, the gorgeous Alibaba cacao puts it together and gently wraps the weight of alcohol with sweetness.

Next, I had a real meal of Rampione.

Although you can feel the rum raisins, it has a delicate and luxurious taste that is different from the rum raisins you know. The flavor of lamb was felt stronger in Pione than in Shine Muscat. There may be some differences in the degree of pickling, but I think this is due to the compatibility of rum and the red grape Pione.

Mr. Ezawa, the inventor, used this Rampione."The conceptual highest peak of rum raisins", Ram Shine Muscat"The best taste on another axis, not in the concept of rum raisins"It is expressed as.


It looks delicious, but ... it's priced, right?

Yes. I'm also worried about the price. First of all, the price is fine.

The introduced "Ram Shine Muscat 20 Years Aged"1,800 yen including tax, "Aged 20 years of Rampione"Tax-included 1,600 yenis. The content is 25g and contains about 5 to 6 grains.

Considering the extremely high cost and time and effort, it may be a little difficult to get a price if you think of it as "rum raisins". Personally, I think that you should buy it with the same feeling as a bonbon chocolate of 200 to 300 yen per grain. You can understand the reason if you eat it. This is not the rum raisin chocolate we knew.


Challenge to products that go beyond the boundaries


As you can see from the price story earlier, this new product is a pretty crazy product. It can be said that both rum and raisins of rum raisins are too particular about good materials. At the end of the interview, the chef came out"I wanted to pursue something new" "I wanted to make something that goes beyond the boundaries"Was the word.

I want to make the best and the best, but I have to keep the price down. Isn't it a conflict that any creator has experienced? Especially if it's sweets. How much are you particular about the material? How much time should I spend in the process to make it delicious? This is Mamano's challenge.