Mamano's first! We will release a new chocolate of "peach and cherry" – ママノチョコレート

Mamano's first! We will release a new chocolate of "peach and cherry" that keeps the freshness of the fruit to the limit!


Hello. Recently, the autumn breeze is blowing in the city. It's easier to carry chocolate, and I'm delighted. I'm a storyteller of Mamano Chocolate, and I'm a chocolate nerd.Kadekawais.

By the way, in the fall of appetite, a new work (and a limited edition!) Has come out from Mamano Chocolate. This new work is a chocolate that traps the taste of fresh fruits. I will tell you the back side of chocolate with plenty of charm.

What is a storyteller?

It is a job to tell the important story (ethics, commitment, feelings, etc.) for the company inside and outside the company. It has the role of verbalizing and appropriately telling stories that cannot be fully archived, which cannot be conveyed only by speaking verbally.

Cherry chocolate born from a single unsold tree


June. Mr. Ezawa, the representative of Mamano Chocolate, and Mr. Homma, the chef chocolatier, visited the fruit tree farm "Datesuimitsuen" in Fukushima prefecture in search of delicious fruits to match with chocolate. The person who attended was also a customer of the dried fruits used in the "Premium Fruit Series" of card chocolate.Berry ’s GardenThis is Aimi Kagei.

Date Mizumitsuen in the summer is the time to harvest cherries. The main varieties are Sato Nishiki and Napoleon. However, there is only one dark cherry tree in it ...

It was an American cherry.

"Why is there only one American cherry tree?"

When I wondered and asked, this tree was inherited from the predecessor. This is the only American cherry in the farm. He said he had no plans to bring it to the market because it could not be harvested in large quantities. Such an American cherry that cannot be sold. But when I eat it ... it's really delicious, isn't it?

Why not make this delicious American cherry into a product with Mamano chocolate?

Mr. Ezawa decided to purchase all the cherries that had become this American cherry tree, which had no price.

When made into chocolate, it has a good balance of acidity and sweetness, and the powerful flavor peculiar to American cherries, which has a bit of astringency like grapes, goes well with Mamano chocolate's alibaca cacao. The confiture, which Chef Homma has boiled down over time, is packed with rich sweetness.

Red and green bonbon chocolate with the image of cherry fruits and leaves. The solid American cherry flavor is mellow with the gorgeous alibaca cacao flavor, and you can go straight to the eater.


"Summer glitter" Peach chocolate using a unique variety with a mango-like taste

Would you like to search for "summer glitter" ...? Yes, there are no search results related to peaches! (impact). It is the name of a yellow peach variety that only one farmer in Fukushima knows is allowed to make. The new peach chocolate uses 100% "summer glitter".

This "summer glitter" isMango-like flavorI have. Unlike white peaches, which have a refreshing and light sweetness, yellow peaches have a rich “summer sparkle” that leaves a lingering finish even after passing through the throat. The taste reminiscent of tropical fruits is comparable to Mamano's bitter chocolate.

Yellow peach Light red and yellow bonbon chocolate (upper) with the image of the appearance of "summer glitter"

This time, in order to make the best use of the goodness of the fruit and leave a fresh feeling, the confiture inside the chocolate was finished with peach pulp and a minimum amount of sugar.

The gorgeous and bitter scent of alibaca cao before it is put in the mouth, and the moment it is put in the mouth, the peach flavor overflows from the thin coating. After the fluffy peach scent and fresh taste, the bitter chocolate is crisp. It is a delicious chocolate to the finish.


Ask Mamano members! Recommended way to eat!


Of peaches and cherries, cherries have a higher concentration. I think you can enjoy it more deliciously by eating peaches first and then cherries.

(Chef Homma)


I think it's best to return it to room temperature for a while, and eat it when the coating is at room temperature and the contents are cold!

(Mr. Ezawa)


Even a slight difference in the temperature range will change the way the aroma opens and melts in your mouth, so please try to find the most delicious way to eat it yourself!

The contents are dripping easily, so please eat with a bite.

The thinly finished coating is snappy! It cracks and a fresh confiture with plenty of water overflows. Since the shelf life is as short as 5 days from the time of manufacture,Sold only at storesIt will be.

The new "peach and cherry" is a limited edition productIt has become. We will manufacture as long as there is "summer glitter" and American cherries, but we cannot promise too much. If you are interested, please do so as soon as possible.

* Sales are only available at Akasaka Mitsuke stores. note that.