The deliciousness of cherries and peaches sent directly from the farm – ママノチョコレート
農園直送さくらんぼ&桃のおいしさがぎゅっと凝縮。200箱限定で福島県産果実の新作ショコラ(ノンアルコール)が誕生!ー ママノチョコレート

The deliciousness of cherries and peaches sent directly from the farm is condensed. Limited to 200 boxes, a new chocolate (non-alcoholic) fruit from Fukushima Prefecture is born! -Mamano Chocolate

Today, we are announcing a new work from Mamano Chocolate! 🍫

We will start selling new chocolates using cherries and peaches procured from a specific farm from Fukushima prefecture.

This time, it's limited to over-the-counter sales and 200 boxes ...! 🍑🍒

At Mamano Chocolate, we have provided chocolates that contain the deliciousness of "Japanese honey bee honey" and "Tanegashima passion fruit" in original chocolate made from rare Ecuadorian alibaca cacao. This time, we will have a luxurious fruit chocolate using cherries and peaches cultivated in Fukushima prefecture.Limited to about 200 boxes (store only) from September 25, 2019 (Wednesday)I will deliver it.


Commitment to farms and ingredients

from beforeThrough Mr. Kagei of Berry ’s Garden, who collaborates on the premium fruit series of card chocolate.I met a fruit farm of fruits used this time.

The cherries are made from American cherries harvested from a single tree cultivated at Datesuimitsu Orchard in Fukushima Prefecture. It is characterized by its acidity, a little astringency, and a strong taste, and it goes well with fragrant chocolate such as alibaca cacao.

For the peaches, we used a new variety of yellow peaches grown in a traditional farm in Fukushima prefecture. This variety is characterized by a rich and fruity taste like mango, and is a fruit with a melty texture. The fiber and sweetness are similar to those of tropical fruits such as mango.

While making the best use of the goodness of this fruit, we also paid particular attention to the manufacturing process so that a new delicious chocolate can be produced with domestic fruit x alibaca cao.


Commitment to making chocolate

This time, I wanted to express the original flavor of the fruit as a characteristic of chocolate, so I processed the fruit and sugar by a unique boiling method to create a fruit sauce that has both the freshness of the fruit and the condensed umami.

The chocolate is packed with fruit sauce using only one variety of cherries and peaches from each farm. The chocolate is divided into two layers, ganache and fruit sauce, but the fruit sauce is the main ingredient rather than ganache. The expiration date is short because it expresses the freshness of the fruit, but I would be grateful if you could enjoy it in a fresh state as soon as possible.

The chocolate of Alibaba cacao is characterized by its gorgeous and powerful taste, so the coating is thinly finished so that the fruit does not lose, achieving a perfect balance harmony with the fruit sauce.

"Peach" has a delicate flavor, and "cherry" has a condensed umami, so it is recommended to eat "peach" first. It goes well with black tea and astringent green tea. I would be happy if you could color your relaxing time with Mamano chocolate.

* No additives, fragrances, preservatives or alcohol. Only coloring agents are used.

Product information

Fukushima Orchard Cherry & Peach 6 tablets 2,400 yen (tax included)

  • Best-by date 5 days from the time of thawing
  • Non-alcoholic, specific raw materials: milk, peach
  • Product name: Fukushima Orchard Peach & Sakuranbo Aragoshi Bonbon Chocolat 6 Names: Chocolate Raw material name: Chocolate (cocoa butter, sugar, cocoa butter), peach from Fukushima, cherries from Fukushima, candy, cream, sugar , Coloring agent (cocoa butter, chocolate dioxide, yellow 4, red 40, blue 1, dextrin) Contents: 6 pieces
  • Storage method: Refrigerate at 10 ℃ or below
  • Manufacturer: Coataro Co., Ltd. 4-8-9 Morooka-cho, Ome-shi, Tokyo
  • Scheduled to be sold exclusively at stores from September 25, 2019.