"Palette chocolate 3 kinds of carefully selected nuts and salt from Yo – ママノチョコレート
「パレットショコラ 3種の厳選ナッツと与論島の塩 アリバカカオ77%」が新発売

"Palette chocolate 3 kinds of carefully selected nuts and salt from Yoron Island 77% alibacao" is now on sale

 A perfect balance of nuts, salt and dark chocolate

A chocolate made by adding 3 kinds of home-roasted carefully selected nuts and salt from Yoron Island to 77% alibaca cao (from Napo, Ecuador). In order to match the sweetness of the chocolate with the bitterness of cacao, the roasted nuts have a savory but not bitter taste.

The sea salt from Yoron Island, Kagoshima Prefecture, which is kneaded into chocolate, harmonizes the taste. The gorgeous aroma and bitterness of chocolate, the aroma of nuts, and the saltiness spread in layers, leaving a heavy and pleasant finish.

3 kinds of carefully selected nuts

The three types of nuts are Sicilian almonds, Iranian pistachios, and Sicilian hazelnuts. When it was released as a nut series of curd chocolate (a square chocolate with a thickness of about 3 mm), one type of nut was roasted and topped with 73% cacao chocolate. If you have eaten the nut series of curd chocolate before, we hope you enjoy the difference in the degree of roasting.


Recommended drinks to pair

It is delicious if you eat it as it is, but you can enjoy it even more if you combine it with sake. For whiskey, we recommend scotch with peat, bourbon with a strong barrel feeling, wine barrel aging type, and for wine, heavy Bordeaux type and sweet sherry type.

What is Palette Chocolat?

"Palette chocolate" is a chocolate that allows you to enjoy the difference in the thickness of chocolate naturally.

We have developed chocolate that is particular about the production area, farming method, taste, variety, and manufacturing technology, not only as a gift but also as a reward for yourself.

"Palette" is the name of the tool used when making chocolate.

▽ Process of stretching chocolate using a pallet

If you make it in a large factory, it is a costly manufacturing method, so it is a chocolate that can only be made at a handmade chocolate shop. Naturally hardened chocolate has a different thickness.

Thickness is an important factor in changing the speed of melting in the mouth and the way the aroma stands when enjoying chocolate.

There are various thicknesses in one package, and we hope that you will enjoy the chocolate flavor that changes each time depending on the thickness when you put it in your mouth. 

▽ Process of mixing chocolate and ingredients and flowing