"Drinkable raw chocolate !?" Released raw chocolate sauce with a luxur – ママノチョコレート
”飲める生チョコ!?”  贅沢な味わいの生チョコソースを発売。

"Drinkable raw chocolate !?" Released raw chocolate sauce with a luxurious taste.

Thank you for using Mamano Chocolate!
From August 18, 2020 (Tuesday), we will start selling "raw chocolate sauce" with a luxurious taste like "drinkable raw chocolate".

It is offered at stores and online shops. We hope you enjoy it. Thank you very much.

Luxurious taste of raw chocolate sauce

It is a "raw chocolate sauce" that you can enjoy breakfast and dessert with a luxurious taste. It is also recommended to sprinkle on bread, pancakes, ice cream, pudding, etc., or sprinkle plenty of chocolate sauce and sake (brandy, whiskey, sweet sherry) on soft serve ice cream. You can use it for anything when you want to add chocolate.


Drinkable raw chocolate

This raw chocolate sauce is a product that responds to the request to release the Ariba chocolate sauce, which was provided as a companion to products such as Mamano's chocolate pancakes and chocolate shaved ice. The sauce, which has been adjusted for each purpose, has been redesigned from 1 so that it can be used for various purposes at home. It has a solid chocolate feel similar to that of raw chocolate, but it is a sauce that can be easily eaten. It has a delicious "drinkable raw chocolate" texture even if you drink it as it is.


The secret of ease of use

Chocolate syrup and chocolate sauce, which are mainly composed of cocoa powder, can be found in grocery stores, but I think that chocolate sauce made mainly of "chocolate" is rare.

Good quality chocolate contains cocoa butter, and increasing the amount of chocolate will increase the richness, but it will be difficult to maintain the fluidity (ease of use) as a sauce.

Mamano's raw chocolate sauce is a product that pursues both flavor and ease of use. It's not as silky as the chocolate syrup sold in grocery stores, but it can be squeezed with one hand even in the refrigerator, and if you put it on toasted bread, it will melt quickly with heat. It doesn't harden even when put on ice.

Rather than maximizing the flavor of Alibaba cacao, it is a product that seeks a balance between ease of eating and ease of use. By making the aftertaste refreshing while feeling a rich cacao feeling, it does not get irritated even if it is fully applied."Drinking raw chocolate"I think that you will be satisfied even if you eat it as it is.


What is MCT oil?

At Mamano, we actively select natural materials that make our bodies happy. MCT oil (medium chain fatty acid) used in fats and oils this time is not a natural material, but it has half the molecular size of general oil (long chain fatty acid), and it is good for the body to take an appropriate amount because it is digested and absorbed quickly. It is a material that is said to be.


You can use it in various situations

If you match it with dorayaki or cheesecake, it will be reborn as a new chocolate dessert.

It is a raw chocolate sauce that is useful in various situations where it would be delicious if you sprinkle "chocolate" on it. We hope that you can add color to your life.