I'm looking forward to getting up in the morning! Introducing two type – ママノチョコレート

I'm looking forward to getting up in the morning! Introducing two types of scones with a gorgeous scent of chocolate.


① This product is frozen and cannot be bundled with other products.
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Scones that look forward to getting up in the morning! Introducing two types of scones with a gorgeous scent of chocolate.

We have newly prepared the "Scone with plenty of Ariba chocolate chips", which has been requested by more customers for a long time.

Previously, scones have been a popular product of Mamano since 2013, but they have been discontinued unfortunately in order to narrow down the number of products and improve quality.

Nowadays, when the time spent at home is increasing, Mamano has improved the old recipe based on the theme of "#House de Mamano" to make the time spent at home as happy as possible.A state where you can enjoy it deliciously in frozen storageI made it. 

The renewal makes the dough more delicious

Previously, the scones were popular for their luxurious finish, which was made by kneading Mamano's proud 73% Ariva chocolate chips into English-type fluffy scones.

This time, with plenty of chocolate chips as it is,Upgrade the flavor and texture of the doughDid. Wheat flour with abundant mineral flavor used in baguettes is luxuriously blended with butter from Hokkaido to give it a gentle sweetness with honey. 

What kind of food is scone?

Scones were born in the English afternoon tea culture, and in the real world, it is common to eat with clotted cream or jam while drinking tea, and if it is left as it is, it has a slightly dry texture. Therefore, Mamano has improved it to an original scone that is "moist and delicious even if eaten as it is". It is also a scone and has an original taste that feels a bit like muffins and cookies.

Developed the most delicious recipe for freezing. The point is how to warm it.

We have developed recipes for Mamanoscorn on the premise that they will be sold frozen so that they can be enjoyed most deliciously at home.

The point isHow to warm

If you open the bag a little and heat it in the microwave while it is frozen, it will have a soft and moist texture. From there, if you add a toaster to the grill, you can enjoy the crispy surroundings and the moist, freshly-baked texture.

* Be sure to warm it in the microwave when you eat it!

The sweetness is modest, so you can add jam or syrup if you like.
You can also add vanilla ice cream to warm scones and arrange it for cafe sweets at home.


It is a set of 2 types

There are two flavors to deliver this time. The basic "chocolate chips" and the "chocolate oranges" that are irresistible for chocolate lovers. Chocolat Orange is a luxurious specification that does not use any cocoa powder in the dough, kneads 73% Ariba chocolate into the dough, and tops it with Valencia orange. Both contain plenty of chocolate chips.

Easy at home "#Mamano at home".

New appearance commemorationAs, 6,100 yen including shipping feeOffer for 5,000 yenDoing.

Enjoy a wonderful time with your favorite drink!

* Clotted cream: A traditional British dairy product. Milk fat between butter and cream