message to customer(お客さまへのメッセージ)









Hi Mamano-customer

My name is Uli and I am coordinating the elaboration of Mamano-chocolate in Ecuador.
I attend the product form harvesting the cocoa-beans until the ready made chocolate and I can guarantee that in the chocolate enters only cocoa beans from the most tasty cocoa vanities of fine flavor cocoa from Ecuador.

The cocoa trees of our small farmers grow naturally without any chemicals and surrounded by pure nature.
Our small farmers are indigenous people form the Kichwa-tribe, their main income is selling cocoa beans.
From us they get much higher prices than in the usual markets so they appreciate a lot our motivation to ameliorate their social situation.

Personally I am very happy and I think it´s very important to communicate directly form the chocolate farms to you.
I think with Mamano-chocolate everybody wins, while you are eating delicious chocolate we help to protect the rainforest and support small farmers of the Amazon.

!Thank you a lot Mamano!


How is the quality of cocoa beans this year?(今年のカカオ豆の品質はいかがですか?)

カカオの品質は素晴らしいです。 私達は、再生可能な太陽エネルギーを使用する新しい乾燥システムを導入しました。 気候変動への影響を軽減することを可能にするとともに高品質な製品を作れます。

The quality of the cocoa is excellent. As we implemented a new drying system using renewable sun-energy, permitting to reduce the effect on climeate change obtaining a high quality product.


What is the difficulty of growing arriba cocoa?(アリバカカオの栽培で難しいことはなんですか?)

アリバカカオはエクアドル(←アルチドナ。アマゾン地域の地名)やアマゾンでは上質で豊かな香りがあるとして知られています。ナシオナルカカオの栽培上の主な難しいことは、病害(monilia and witch-broom)です。



Arriba-cocoa is known as fine and aromatic in the Amaozon and in Archidona.
This national cocoa that we cultivate has it a main difficulty in the pests as monilia ans witch-broom.
We are sultivating our cocoa in agro-forestry systems called chakras in this way.
we reduce the incidence of the sicknesses in cocoa sulture,
So we obtain a very high quality product with strong demand,
So we are benefiting the small farmers encouraging them to go on cultivating fine-flavor cocoa.