2021 Valentine scheduled – ママノチョコレート

2021 Valentine scheduled

* Online shop order acceptance and over-the-counter delivery acceptance for deliveries by February 14 have ended. It will take about 5 days from the order to ship. It is difficult to accelerate the arrival date. I would appreciate your understanding.

* The reserve has also ended. It is also difficult to check inventory by phone. Please visit the store directly to check.



It's the season for chocolate festivals all over Japan.

We are pleased to inform you that Mamano will open its Valentine's Day store in 2021.

The business date and time of the Akasaka Mitsuke store will be announced separately.


In addition, it will be crowded just before February 14th every year.

We recommend picking up at the Akasaka Mitsuke Main Store before February 14th!

Most chocolates will last for more than 10 days, so you can receive them with confidence.


1. Click here for reserve reservation (finished)

  • February 7 (Sun)We accept over-the-counter delivery.
  • Request for reserve by phone or reserve formFebruary 9Until.
  • Since it will not be possible to reserve after the 10th, please come to the store on the day and select the product at the store.


2. Opened Isetan Sweets Collection

In 2021, we plan to open a store in the sweets collection of the Isetan Shinjuku store.

The session is from February 5th to 14th, 2021.

Detail isIsetan websiteplease look at.

We are planning to sell Valentine's limited products using 6 kinds of Japanese whiskey in a limited number of 300 boxes.

We are also planning to collaborate with a coffee shop of our choice.


Date: February 5th (Friday) -February 14th (Sunday), 2021 [Ends at 6:00 pm on the last day]

Venue: Isetan Shinjuku Main Building 6F Exhibition Hall


3. Collaboration chocolate will be sold on the second floor of GINZA SIX

This is before the press release is announced, so details will be announced at a later date.


4. Online shop

We would like to ask customers who purchased from the online shop about the delivery date.

During Valentine's Day, we ask you to specify the delivery date mainly from February 11th to 14th. 

Mamano is a small shop and the number of shipments per day is limited, so

if"You can pick it up early and keep it at home!"

The customer who saysDelivery date before February 10thI would appreciate it if you could specify.


The shelf life of chocolate is for each product7 to 30 days or moreDelivered at.

(Please check the product details page for the expiration date for each product.)

Of course, there is no problem even if you specify on Valentine's Day!

We would be very grateful if we could ask our customers to cooperate with us in order to carefully prepare and deliver the goods in a state where both the store and the delivery company (Yamato Transport) have a margin.


About the last order date

  • Arrival by February 14th is until 24:00 on Sunday, February 7th.It will be.
  • Please note that if you place an order after February 8th, it may be delivered after February 15th.


All information is as of January 28, 2021.

The latest information is on each company's website and our shoptwitterPlease check with.

Please look forward to it!


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