Notice of the start of sales of cacao beans, cacao nibs, and couvertur – ママノチョコレート

Notice of the start of sales of cacao beans, cacao nibs, and couverture chocolate for professionals (business)

(If you want to contact in English, Spanish and German we have members to use these languages, so please don't hesitate to contact us in any languages from any regions.)

Mamano Chocolate has started offering cacao beans imported by our company, original couverture, and chocolate manufactured at Oume Kobo to companies at wholesale prices.

It would be great if you could purchase it as a retail product or use it as a raw material for products at grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants, cafes, patisseries, gelateria, chocolate shops, etc.


Commercial sales products

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Couverture (Cacao Let Drops)

Cacao nibs and cocoa beans


About lots

Please feel free to contact us for orders in large lots, changes in the number of items, etc. Couverture chocolate is listed as 1kg, but it is possible to change it to 5kg, 20kg, etc. and propose a price.


About support system

When we use our chocolate as a material, there are characteristics peculiar to Ariba cacao, so we will carefully inform you about how to handle and utilize chocolate and cacao beans free of charge so that good products will be born in your shop. We will support you sincerely.

We offer a course by chocolatier and recipes for chocolate and chocolate confectionery for a fee.

We have resident members in Ecuador, so we can have meetings with cacao plantations, cacao associations, chocolate factories, etc. Original couverture chocolate can be arranged if it weighs 500 kg or more.


About cacao seminar

We also hold regular online seminars to connect with Ecuador and learn about cacao associations, cacao plantations, and cacao fermentation and drying. We hope that you will gain deeper knowledge, experience the roots of the materials, and help create products that create emotions.

If you are considering using it for business purposes, please contact us from here. We look forward to joyful delivery of Alibaba Cacao grown in the Amazon of Ecuador to our customers at your store.


Representative Director Kotaro Ezawa

Chef Chocolatier Yusaku Homma

Cacao coordinator Ulrich Zebish


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Commercial sales products

* After making an inquiry, we will guide you to the business sales specialty page.

Couverture (Cacao Let Drops)

Cacao nibs and cocoa beans


About cocoa beans

  • Cacao cultivation: Approximately 300 small-scale cacao farmers cultivate around Artidona, Napo Province, Ecuador
    Fermentation and drying: WINAK union San Agustin, Via Sinchi Sacha Archidona --Napo Ecuador
  • Varieties: Hybrids such as Porcellana, mainly national species
  • Cultivation method: Chakra farming method (no agroforestry / pesticide chemical fertilizer used)
  • Harvest season: One season from January to June. Orders for 2022 harvested cocoa beans are available in April.
  • Import method: Air transportation
  • Cocoa butter content: Approximately 46-48% (Reference: CCN51 is 52-54%)
  • Cacao bean size: Weight per 100 grains Approximately 100-130g
  • Flavors: Ripe bananas, cinnamon, nuts, coconuts, a powerful aroma of the earth. Good balance with little sourness and bitterness. The gorgeous scent is strong and lasts for a long time. The expression changes depending on the degree of roasting and the cacao mixing ratio.


Partnership with Winhac Union

The Winhak Union is an organization co-founded by small Kechwa farmers for the development and progress of their communities and families.

We support agroforestry farming methods that lead to the development of small-scale cocoa farmers, forest conservation and improvement of farmers' livelihoods, and we are attracted to the flavor of Alibaba cocoa cultivated in the Amazon region, and we are a sales partner throughout Asia. We have a long-term contract with. We would appreciate it if you could use the alibaka cacao cultivated here.


Fermentation and drying process of cocoa beans

  1. Winjak Union buys cocoa pulp from farmers
  2. Trucked to Post Harvest Center
  3. Remove defective beans and impurities
  4. Register lot
  5. Fermentation in a wooden box for 5 to 6 days (regular stirring)
  6. Drying by sun drying in the tent
  7. Sort cocoa beans and remove impurities and defective beans.
  8. Quality check
    1. Directly conducted by local partners of Winjak and Mamano. Customers can also attend the cacao bean cut test online, so please contact us.)
    2. The beans used in Mamano are selected from those with high fermentation and low defective beans, and only high-grade beans are packed. Poor quality beans are sold to other companies and local buyers.
  9. Weigh and pack in a bag

How to check the quality of cocoa beans

  1. Open 10 bags per ton (about 20 bags) and extract 300g from each
  2. Check 100 bean samples in 2 batches
  3. The standard values for cacao beans used by us are as follows.
  • Fermentation degree 75% or more
    • In 2021, the fermentation rate was about 88%.
  • Maximum mold value 1%
  • Maximum value of defective beans 2%
  • Maximum insect damage 1%
  • Maximum value of purple beans 10%
  • Maximum water content 7%
  • Maximum cadmium 0.5ppm

In the latest test, the fermentation degree was about 80-90%, mold, defective beans and insect pest beans were 0, and purple beans were about 5%, which are higher than the standard value, so there is no defect flavor and national varieties of cacao. You can enjoy the original aroma of beans.


Mamano Chocolate (Coataro Co., Ltd.)

Founded in 2013 in Akasaka Mitsuke, Tokyo. Aliba cacao specialty store cultivated in the Amazon region of Ecuador. From 2022, sales of couverture for corporations and import and sale of cacao beans started.
1. Make customers smile with the highest quality chocolate
2. Connecting the precious nature of the earth to generations 1000 years from now
3. Contribute to the sustainable development of cacao farmers

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