Mamano Chocolate has become a member of the ethics committee of "Chakr – ママノチョコレート

Mamano Chocolate has become a member of the ethics committee of "Chakra Label Certification", which is a proof of special farming methods in the Ecuadorian rainforest area!

In December 2022, Mamano Chocolate will be newlychakra label certificationbecame a member of the Ethics Committee of

What is chakra label certification?

The Quichua people, an indigenous people of the Ecuadorian Amazon,Traditional agroforestry farmhas been designed in a special way, combining agriculture and ecological conservation.

"Chakra"This method of cultivation, called , combines agricultural techniques with tradition and ancestral knowledge.

An inter-organizational cooperation led by the Federation of Cocoa and Chocolate Associations has created a certification system to value, protect and pass on this special farming practice.


About the purpose of chakra labels

chakra label,Encouragement and promotion of primarily fair business relationshipsthroughEfforts to Promote Better Living Conditions for Families in the Amazon Rainforestandwithout incurring high certification costs for farmers' organizationsis recognized as a viable means of

As with any certification, farmers and their organizations must meet certain principles in order to apply for Chakra certification.


Criteria for chakra certification

These criteria areEnsure biodiverse agricultural systems that respect culture, nature, women's participation and social justice by setting standards for the sustainable management of what you do.

One of the key components of Chakra Seal is the Ethics Committee, which ensures that established processes and rules are followed.


About the role of the Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee consists of production departments (producer groups), private sector (consumers/customers), public (local governments/ministries), and academies (universities). It performs functions such as granting seals, regulating, planning and managing SPGs, promoting SPGs, fostering sustainability, and assisting in the formulation and design of public policy.

Mamano Chocolate's Latin American representative, Uli Zebish, was invited as a member of the Ethics Committee on behalf of a private company.

This was made possible because of the great reputation and trust that Mamano Chocolate has as a conscientious and fair customer for the local indigenous union.


Proud to support small farmers as a member of the Ethics Committee

We see this as a sign of trust and also a symbol of transparency that shows Mamano Chocolate's deeper understanding of culture and ancestral farming details.

Mamano Chocolate has accepted this invitation and is proud to work hand in hand with small farmer families to help ensure the production of sustainable and socially just products.

Mamano's customers also play an important role in this initiative.

All customers who purchase Mamano products will participate in this initiative together with Mamano.

We would like to continue to deliver chocolates made from tropical rainforest protection, indigenous rights protection, and highly sustainable cocoa farming methods.