Recruiting short-term part-time staff for White Day 2023! (Hourly wage 1,500 yen, Kichijoji Station, Nakano Station, Akasaka Mitsuke Station)

We are looking for short-term members for White Day!

Hourly wage is 1,500 yen after training. Please apply early as the number of applicants is small★



  • Kichijoji Marui store: Recruiting 2 people Period 2023/3/7-3/14
  • Nakano Marui store: 1 person available, period 2023/3/7-3/14
  • Mamano Akasaka Mitsuke store: 2 people available Period 2023/2/15-3/31 (possible after that)

If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

See below for specific job descriptions.


job description

  • Short term for Valentine period
  • Waiting on customers sale of chocolate
  • Description of chocolate
  • Proactively listening to customers
  • delivery of goods and money
  • product display
  • Ensuring hygiene


What is Mamano Chocolate?

We are a specialty store of rare Ariva cacao, which is produced only 2% in the world.

By directly partnering with farmers and cooperatives in the Amazon region of Ecuador, we purchase the finest quality fine flavored cacao "Ariba National" without compromise in all processes such as varieties, farming methods, and transportation.

The representative visits the site himself and builds a win-win relationship with the producers by building long-term relationships with farmers and cooperatives.“Creating a world full of smiles with chocolate”We are working on that.

I think that you can know a little about Mamano by looking at the following three.


② Brand philosophy

③ Material policy


Job details

  • We have in-store training. I will teach you carefully.
  • We have a list of products available.
  • Because we use cacao grown in agroforestry, we can contribute to the conservation of the Amazon.
  • We can contribute to the protection and improvement of the traditional livelihoods of the indigenous people of Quechua because of direct transactions with local unions in Ecuador.
  • You can purchase products with company discount during the period.

Personnel sought

  • smiling and cheerful
  • Those who like chocolate
  • Those who like to serve customers
  • People who like to talk with customers
  • Person with customer service sales experience
  • Experienced in department store sales

Working hours/days

  • Shift system (more than 5 times a week during the period)
  • 3/11, 12, 13, 14 shift submission required
  • 8 hours a day plus 1 hour break 


  • uniform supply
  • Free hair color (in the case of Akasaka Mitsuke store. In the case of department stores, it is necessary to follow the department store rules)
  • Chocolate company discount available at Akasaka Mitsuke store
  • Payment of transportation expenses
  • If you have pierced earrings, please wear cacao pierced earrings from the shop.
  • Manicure is acceptable only if the nails are cut short and the design looks clean


Employment form/hourly wage

  • part-time job
  • 1,500 yen (hourly wage)
  • 1,072 yen per hour for 20 hours of trial period


Application method

  • info at mamano-chocolate.comPlease send your resume to (Please change "at" to "@" before sending.)
  • The person in charge will contact those who proceed to the interview.

Thank you very much!

If you have any questions, please call 03-6441-2744 or use the email address above.