Your potential for product creation. Interview with Chocolatier Homma – ママノチョコレート

Your potential for product creation. Interview with Chocolatier Homma

Hello. I work as a storyteller at Mamano, Choco OtakuKadekawais.

In this staff interview, we will ask the members who work at Mamano about their work in depth.Chapter 1This is the second time since then, and we are consistently working on Mamano Chocolate products from development to manufacturing.Mr. Homma, Chief ChocolatierWill be featured in!

Homma's profile

He started training when he was 19 years old and has been a pastry chef for 12 years. Joined Mamano in January 2019. My hobbies are traveling and snowboarding.


The deciding factor for joining the company is an environment where you can make things that you are satisfied with.

--Well, then, I'm looking forward to working with you.

I've talked to Mr. Homma several times in interviews related to product development, and I get the impression that Mamano Chocolate is a company that is a little different from other chocolate shops and cake shops. I would like to ask you about the positive and difficult aspects of working.


Honma The first good thing is that we can develop unconventional products.

In the past, there were more severe restrictions on costs and materials in the workplace, soI would like to see my potential by taking the constraints I have been thinking about.I had such a feeling. I entered Mamano because I thought that I could make what I wanted to make here.
We are a company that does not hesitate to produce things that have never existed before, and we are actively incorporating good materials.
If I make sweetsI want to make "delicious" a major premiseI have a strong feeling, so I think that I can make products that match Mamano's idea of being particular about deliciousness and quality.



Difficulties unique to a free workplace

Honma It can be difficult. The representative, Ezawa, is a type that throws rounds (laughs).
To put it simply, it's trustworthy, but at first I was confused. For example, I assembled the Ome workshop I'm using now, considering the placement, etc., but this was a good experience. I want to have my own shop in the future, and I think my experience is preparing for that.

——Mr. Homma feels like she is enjoying her work.

Honma It's a lot of freedom, so it's fun to be able to do many things. However, experience points may be required to enjoy this environment. Chocolate is also different from other companies' ones, so if you enter at the first house, you may gain deep knowledge but not broaden your horizons.
Like product development,Work created from scratch is a basic applicationTherefore, there is no doubt that people with technology are more enjoyable environments.

——You manage your schedule yourself, right?

Honma From the monthly schedule to the daily time schedule, the manufacturing schedule is basically decided by myself. Once you've created your schedule, share it with the whole.


Honma's one-day schedule at Ome Kobo

9 o'clock commute today's schedule, email, Slack check, various orders
9: 30- Cut 2000 pieces of raw chocolate, clean up the gitter cutter
1:30 ~ Break
From 2:30 pm Return to break Ramshine, Pione coating
5 o'clock ~ Preparation of brown sugar for tablets
5: 30-clean up and clean
5: 45 ~ Email, slack, next schedule check
6 o'clock leave


Two tools I started using in Mamano

—— Looking at the daily time schedule in this way, there are daily tasks other than manufacturing work, such as email and slack check.

Honma For internal contact toolsSlackChat app for task managementbacklogI am using the service.
I don't touch electronic devices during manufacturing because of hygiene, so I don't think I would have used them at any store I used to work for.

However, since Mamano has independent workshops and different working hours, I wonder if it would be easier to communicate and communicate between departments and eliminate omissions in tasks by using such tools. I feel that. I haven't mastered the backlog yet (laughs)


I was fascinated by the material called Alibaba cacao

Chef Homma has been doing various jobs such as curd chocolate with dried fruits after joining the company, improvement of bonbon chocolate, development of cookies, etc. What kind of impression do you have of Mamano's Ali Bakakao chocolate? Is not it.


Honma Mamano's Alibaba cacao is a great material. When I first ate it, I was very impressed. Power, gorgeousness, and tenderness were packed into one chocolate.

If you make a mousse using this chocolate, why not make a baked confectionery? Thinking about it, I'm excited.

The restriction that "only this chocolate can be used" can be a hindrance for some people. I felt the potential of Alibaba Cacao, and the restrictions were rather extended.

The chocolate of Alibaba cacao I ate for the first time still had a rough part, and I could see that it would be better if I did this. If you face this chocolate and take out all the drawers, you can really make various things. I don't think I'll get bored.


There are craftsmen who not only discover the charm of the material, but also try to make the most of it. Is there anything so happy about the chocolate and cacao that are the ingredients?

It was a story that made me feel happy when I met Mr. Homma.

One last word

——Please give a few words to those who have read this interview and are interested in Mamano Chocolate Chocolatier.

Honma It would be fun if we could make friends who can enjoy the fun of sublimating what I like and what I understand as a product, just like using the sake I love and the ingredients I found on my trip. It would be great if there were more members who could sympathize with each other and enhance each other.

At Mamano Chocolate, please refer to the manufacturing staff (chocolatier) recruitment requirements for details.HerePlease see the page.