Interview with Mr. Nakajima, a sales staff member who "makes his own f – ママノチョコレート

Interview with Mr. Nakajima, a sales staff member who "makes his own fans by serving customers"

Hello. I work as a storyteller at Mamano,Chocolate Otaku Kadekawais.

In this staff interview, we will talk to the members who work at Mamano while delving into the content of their work. For the first time, we featured Mr. Nakajima, a professional customer service of Mamano Chocolate.

Mr. Nakajima's profile

He joined the company in 2016 and is now in his third year at Mamano. Mamano's favorite product is "Orange Blessing," where you can enjoy both chocolate and orange. My hobby is darts, and I participate in the Shinjuku league every week.


Chocolate was so ...

In the winter of 2016, Mr. Nakajima was scouted by an acquaintance and started a part-time job at Mamano when he was busy. At that time, I wasn't thinking about becoming an employee.

It seems that he learned about Mamano Chocolate for the first time after receiving a story about his work.

"Even in the interview, I clearly stated that I'm not good at sweets."

When I started working, my first impression of eating Mamano chocolate was "it's not too sweet and it's delicious."I can recommend this product with confidence that it is delicious.I said that I felt that way.



Good customer service comes from in-house communication.

Mr. Nakajima, who joined Mamano as a part-time job, notices a problem.

"When I joined Mamano, the shifts in the customer service staff were so different that I couldn't even see the faces of people working in the same workplace. Even though I was in my own workplace, I felt like a borrowed cat. It was painful.

Good products can only be sold with good customer service.I think. And I felt that if I wanted that good customer service, I needed to change from the internal environment.

I have a good product, but it's a waste, I want to improve it! I thought so. "

Mr. Nakajima, who joined the company as a part-time job and became a full-time employee in January of the following year, first worked on deepening relationships with the staff.A state where everyone can communicate with everyoneWas to.

After that, actively communicate with other staff, such as during private time. During busy times, shifts began to occur, and communication between staff naturally increased.

By getting along with each other without hesitation,You can help each other naturally even at workIt will be like that.

"At that time, Mamano is in a good environment so much that I can say."

In fact, today's Mamano feels surprisingly good customer service, even from the side. It seems that each and every customer is taken care of, but the daily report and the ingenuity of sales really convey it. I was very convinced that the foundation of this was smooth communication within the company.



The real thrill of serving customers is to get them to become their own fans.

 We asked Mr. Nakajima, who looks really happy at the store and makes us happy, about the rewards of serving customers.

"I'm particularly happy when a customer who sees me for the first time comes back to the store and remembers the conversation with me. The recommendation was delicious, so please tell me something else. I think it's a proof that you trusted me.
I want people to think that they are good people and good customer service, more than products.

The lines that came out in the interview were very impressive.

I had an image of "working for customers" when it comes to customer service, but from Mr. Nakajima's story, it is clear that actions for customers are directly linked to Mr. Nakajima's own satisfaction. It has been transmitted.

"Our chocolate may be a normal price for the industry, but it's generally a luxury item.Customers who bought it will be satisfied without thinking that it is expensiveforThe important factor is customer serviceI think it is"

The customer service staff is on your side

Mr. Nakajima is trying to express his opinions on behalf of customers in Mamano Chocolate, which has many opportunities to speak in the company.

"If I think that it is not good for the customer even at the internal judgment, I firmly disagree. Since it is our sales staff who are in contact with the customer, I think it is our duty to convey that voice."

Mr. Nakajima's desire to take good care of customers lays the foundation for Mr. Nakajima's customer service.

Treat as one person, not as one of manyI am trying to do it. Everyone should have a desire to be taken care of. I try to express my feelings that you are happy to come. "

Be discreet for customers who want to leave it alone. We will actively talk with customers who want to consult and decide on shopping. Changing the method in this way is also a device to take good care of each person.


One last word

Looking at this article, I want to work at Mamano. Can you give me a message for those who think so? I asked Mr. Nakajima.

"Hmm, I wonder, it's difficult. Lol"

He gave me a nice answer, which is typical of Mr. Nakajima.

"People who like talking to people are welcome.Put your customers first, increase your fans, and have fun together.I would be very happy if we could have a good time together and make friends who can see the same scenery. "



If you are interested in serving Mamano Chocolate,From herePlease see the job information.

Customer service team operations

Customer service, delivery preparation, ordering and delivery, product inspection, display arrangement, inventory arrangement & management, cash register, etc.

* In addition to this, Mr. Nakajima is creating shifts for customer service members.