MAMANO announce a new craft chocolate cookie “Aka to Ao(Red and Blue)” .

MAMANO announce a new craft chocolate cookie “Aka to Ao(Red and Blue)” .

We love to announce this special chocolate cookie!!

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MAMANO CHOCOLATE(Kotaro inc, Akasaka3-8-8 Minato-ku,Tokyo,Japan. CEO, Kotaro Ezawa) will start selling its luxurious craft (hand made) chocolate cookie “Aka to Ao high cacao Ecuador”, with more than 60% of its raw materials on July 24 (Wednesday).

Melted taste with the tongue

It's a light and moist texture. Open the bag and the aroma of cacao and almonds spreads. From the moment you put it in the mouth, the cookie crumbles, and the chocolate containing more than 60% melts on the tongue, and the colorful aroma of Arriba cacao spreads out strongly. Every time you bite, the aroma of the almonds swells, and it shows a small but sharp look.

The secret of the taste is the content of cacao

It is a cookie made for "the people who love cacao and chocolate" that can be made only from MAMANO CHOCOLATE, who has faced Arriba cacao for 7 years since its inception and has found the characteristics of cacao and chocolate.

Three materials stuck

This product does not use wheat, eggs, milk, additives, preservatives or flavors at all.The material is simply the following three.

 1 National species organic cacao (Ariba cacao) from Napo, Ecuador

 2 Spain's finest almonds

 3 Sugar


It is safe for people with allergies because it is gluten-free.

The origin of this chocolate cookie's name is "Akasaka" and "Ome" which are deeply related to us

We founded in 2013 in a space of only 9㎡ in Akasaka, where it was manufactured and sold.

After moving to the Ome factory in April this year, we introduced an oven, and we were able to develop a cookie that brought out the features of cacao to the full.

Thanks to both "Aka"saka, the place of establishment, and Ome("Ao"ume in Kanji) of the new factory, we named it "Aka to Ao".

Message by Yusaku Honma, Chief Chocolatier

Q. What did you struggle with development?

Chocolate melts with heat.

Cookies are sweets made of flour. 

It is this product that challenged to overturn such common sense.

The chocolate melts and flows when baked in the oven, and if the flour does not enter, the texture of the cookie does not come out.

In order to solve them, we combined various materials, scraped off as much as possible, and aimed at the ultimate simple chocolate cookie.

Q. Recommended way of enjoying

I am completely committed to the taste and texture for being chocolate and cookies.

I would be glad if you could enjoy the holly feeling of cookies, sweetness of chocolate and almonds, good acidity, bitter burnt feeling elegantly along with hot drinks such as coffee and tea.

Feel free to bring outdoors, etc., I think it is good to have your own luxury time to enjoy!

Product information

product name:Aka to Ao

flavour:high cacao Ecuador

sales start on date:24th July (Wednesday)

expiration date:15 days more


  • single ¥200
  • 7 pieces box ¥1,600
  • 13 pieces box ¥2,700
  • 26 pieces box ¥5,400

Contact information

CEO, Kotaro Ezawa 


Kotaro inc,


Kotaro Ezawa


Akasaka Floral Plaza Building 1F, 3-8-8 Akasaka Minato-ku, Tokyo