MAMANO CHOCOLATE released new chocolate ganach with "Ichiro's malt chichibu the peated 2018".

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We announced the new chocolate ganach with "Ichiro's malt chichibu the peated 2018" for father's day 16th June.

Venture Whiskey that is distillery of Ichiro's malt has high reputation worldwide.

"Chichibu the peated 2018" is single malt whiskey, not blended.


MAMANO CHOCOLATE is single cacao chocolate brand in JAPAN with arriba cacao from Ecuador, one of the most flavor cacao in the world. We have empathy with Venture whiskey as of Japanese craftsmanship.

Chef chocolatier Honnma Yuusaku really love the Ichiro's malt whiskey, so we started to make this chocolate.



We use the special cacao from Ecuador by direct trade to specific farmar's association. It has some features: floral flavor like a flower, strong body cacao taste. The Ichiro's Malt has smoke, pear, and green apple flavor.

This chocolate ganache is mixed of these two special ingredients.


How to buy it?

Our store is located in Akasaka, Tokyo ,Japan.

You can buy it by online store here .