Japanese Single Malt Peated Whiskey 6pcs(3type) box [Limited Edition].

Japanese Single Malt Peated Whiskey 6pcs(3type) box [Limited Edition].

Here comes a new product in limited quantities!

The "6 Japanese Single Malt Whisky" bonbon chocolates that we released for Valentine's Day 2021 were very well received.

We have received requests from many customers for the next one, so we have developed a new product that allows you to enjoy a comparison of single malt second releases (the second product in a distillery) from craft distilleries of whiskey that are now attracting attention.

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Introduction of the chocolates

The whiskeys used in this bonbon chocolate are second releases from the Akkeshi Distillery, the Asaka Distillery, and the Tsunuki Distillery.

All three whiskeys are made with peated malt (malted barley with a unique aroma that is dried by burning peat, a type of peat/grass charcoal) and have a peculiar finish that is to be preferred by experts.

By combining the three types of whiskey with the sweet and milky Arriba chocolate, we have created a bonbon chocolate that can be enjoyed without being overwhelmed by the peculiar peatiness, and at the same time, you can feel the individuality of each distillery.

The three whiskeys used in this project each have their own unique characteristics.

Akkeshi has a sticky sweetness and a spicy aftertaste. Akkeshi has a sticky sweetness and a spicy aftertaste, and a moist smokiness that crawls over the ground like smoke from a bonfire.

Asaka has the gentle sweetness of barley and the tartness and bitterness of whole lemons. Vibrant, fresh and smoky.

Tsunuki has a soft sourness and sweetness reminiscent of the tropics. Smooth, gentle and pleasant smoky. Peated whiskey is not to everyone's taste, but it is a very strange flavor that you may not like at first, but as you sip it a few times, you may become addicted to it.

Product Information
3000 yen (tax included)

6 pieces

Shelf life
At least 7 days before delivery

Storage method
Refrigerated at 5-10°C

Chocolate (from Ecuador), cream, whiskey, butter, syrup, invert sugar, whole milk powder, sunflower lecithin, color (cocoa butter, titanium dioxide, yellow 4, red 40, blue 1, blue 2).

Nutrition Facts
Per box: Energy 225.27kcal, Protein 2.17g, Fat 12.97g, Carbohydrate 17.97g, Salt equivalent 0.02g / estimated value (Manufactured in the same workshop as products containing wheat and buckwheat)